18 thickness cow rubber mat comfortable animal rubber mat

18 thickness cow rubber mat comfortable animal rubber mat

  • 18 thickness cow rubber mat comfortable animal rubber mat
Unit Price: FOB 26~32 USD Get Latest Price
Model No.: GM0424
Min. Order: 100 Piece/Pieces
Payment Type: T/T
Transportation: Ocean
Productivity: 10000
Packaging: pallets
Delivery Time: 20 Days
Place of Origin: Qingdao
Brand: Guangneng
Supply Ability: 10000
Certificate: en1177

Product Description

Anti-fatigue rubber cow flooring mats

Model: GM0424
Specification: 1830*1220*18mm


The surface is convex dot, the bottom trench
Product features:
1, product resistance, impact resistance, friction coefficient, elastic, the damping anti-skid, have very good protection effect to the animal.
2, not easy to breed bacteria, keep the hen houses clean and dry, the prevention of animal diseases
3, good water resistance, surface easy to clean, good maintenance.
4, insulation, moisture-proof, non-toxic, can create a comfortable living environment for the animal, improve livestock production
In recent years, with the expansion and specification of beef cattle breeding industry, "the bullpen pad / stable /pig pad" products have been widely used in the industry,its soft, rich features elastic, long service life is gradually recognized by cattle farms. Found through professional organizations to do market research, using there presentation of the product more beef cattle farms 80%good use effect.
In order to achieve better results, should pay attention to two aspects:
A rubber pad, cattle bed installation
In the use process, beef cattle farms in general is directly to the cattle bed rubber mat in cattle bed, which mainly to save installation cost, easy to clean, but after a cattle stampede is prone to multi-function rubber pad displaced,so experts remind, should according to the cow sheden vironment and ground in different situation, installation different schemes are designed, the reasonable use of the effect in order to achieve multi-function rubber pad.
Two, the bullpen pad pad pad / stable / pigsty clean
When cleaning up not only to clean up the surface of the stool, but also can not ignore the multi-function rubber bottom layer cleaning. If not clean, a long time, the bottomis easy to breed bacteria, not only affects the service life of rubber pad bedding, serious can directly cause arthritis, limb hoof disease of cattle. Therefore, experts suggest, multi-function rubber pad in the laying of the beginning of a layer at the bottom need to spray pesticides, which can greatly reduce the bacteria multiply speed. Secondly, after use period of time, the need for regular flushing with water, placed the sun is low, for drying, sterilization.
The use of multi-function rubber pad has become Chinese cattle breeding industry trends, to use reasonable use effect, can investment benefits proportional to.
Product use: the cow Wo Peng, milking hall, delivery room, stables,softball field (for USA) products such as: spherical protrusions on the surface properties of the product distribution, anti-skid massage function. Under the grooves on the surface of friction with the ground,can eliminate sewage remain dry ground in time. Anti-skid, anti static,heat insulation, easy cleaning, have been replaced, anti fatigue, anti epidemic characteristics. Products have no odor, treading is elastic, the service life of 5-7 years. Product characteristics: 1, to prevent live stock limb hoof diseases, arthritis, inflammation of skin effect. Using bovine bed rubber pad and the use of the cement ground, wood flooring,livestock skin disease, limb hoof disease, arthritis, mastitis and other diseases was significantly decreased. 2, cow mattress laid on the ground, smooth, clean, comfortable, beautiful and generous, with a good anti-skid effect, can avoid the cow slips, falls, reduce the medical expenses, also can reduce the cow culling rate, improve milk production,improve economic benefit. 3, multi-function rubber pad itself, elastic and surface of special design, with health care massage effect on dairy cows, can avoid the fatigue of long time standing produced. 4, low input,high return. The cow mattress with anti-corrosion, good resistance to aging, the service life of 5-7 years. 5, cattle bed rubber pad insulation,cold proof, moisture-proof, expenditure saving mat grass, and convenient installation and use, easy to clean.

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